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Thread: Hampton a hall of famer?

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    I don't think he will, not enough individual stats jumping off the page at anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg1964 View Post
    The question is: How do you judge a NT in the 3-4: Was Hampton the BEST of his position for the time in which he played? FORGET NUMBERS, the job was to eat of block and let the ILB flow to make the tackles. During Hampton 12 year career, the Steelers have had, Holmes, Farrior, Foote and Timmons as ILB, all very good, but none HOF players, But The Steelers run defense has consistantly been in the top 5 if not 10, so again, it's base on your measuring stick.

    BTW: is called the Hall Of Fame, not the Hall of the very good:
    BTW2 I would take Hampton over Wilfork any day of the week.
    That's the problem with the voters for the HOF, unless you're a big time name with big time stats they won't give you the time of day when it comes to present day players. Hell if LC Greenwood still can't get in then something is wrong and the HOF voters need to have their heads examined.

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