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Thread: A few unrecognized points (at elast not talked about)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCityKid5 View Post
    Before this game started, I thought our highly ranked pass defense was a joke but after that game holding those WR's to pretty much's possible.
    Guess you haven't been reading the sports news,according to the media " Eli and the Giants just had an off day". Personally I hope everyone feels that way and overlooks the Steelers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CowherPower View Post
    Sanders needs to work on sustaining his speed, and and quicker acceleration. Getting caught by a Punter is unacceptable. LOL
    looked more like he just ran out of gas and collapsed. Didn't look like he was tackled at all and may have fallen even if the punter wasn't three.

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    Another thigk I was very impressed with........the entire team refused to allow the horrendous officiating to affect their play and their attitude! I seldom get too upset over bad calls against the Steelers, I've gotten used to it, but I remember a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach after that idiotic "fumble" call on Ben and the failure to call the block in the back of Heath thereby awarding the second free touchdown to the Giants.

    I'm not sure some were watching with regard to Adams. He had been so far out of position on many pass plays that you wonder if he didn't think he was a pulling guard. He did get it going in the second half but he was horrible on several plays early in the game, and he was similarly out of position on pass plays last week too.
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