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i don't know about this, there has been tons of talk about ben being elite. more than i've ever heard before. mike and mike talk about it almost daily. they were interviewing brian billick and asked him if ben was a top 5 elite qb. billick said, when does elite mean he has to be top 5? there are 6 truly elite QB's right now, and matt ryan, while not elite yet, is knocking on the door this year with his play.

at any time, ben can be anywhere between 2 and 6. right now, i'd say he's 3 behind rodgers and peyton.

but make no mistake, ben is elite, and the league and media are taking notice!
I think he is referring to more of when Jaworski listed his QB ranking in the off-season and he had Ben at 6 and said Ben was on the cusp of being elite......Don't know how much more Ben has to accomplish for Ben to be elite in Jaw's eyes?.......