1. Roethlisberger and Redman were extraordinary, and Roethlisberger is an MVP candidate, trailing only Rodgers.
2. Not going for the field goal, which was idiotic, actually led the team to getting the TD that they should've scored on the punt return or on the goal line. They might've just tied the game and the Giants might've scored if given better field position than what they were given after the fake field goal. Basically, Tomlin's stupidity might've helped the team take the lead.
3. Lewis played great.
4. Ike Taylor really does commit penalties on almost every play. He can't cover. He can't tackle. He can't intercept, except for the one he made today, which was huge. Hard to understand why he is on the team.
5. I'm not going to slobber on Wallace. Bruce, Holt and Hakim used to make plays like that all the time and Warner would be given most of the credit, and I'm giving the credit to Roethlisberger for a perfectly placed ball.
6. The fix was definitely in. There is no doubt about that. If Eli played halfway decent, there is no way the refs were going to allow the Steelers to win that game, so winning that game was HUGE.