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Thread: Running Game

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    Colong being nastier now is helping, the big factor I think is Mike Adams. He is a beast at run blocing. He did fairly well last night in pass Protection besides the Tuck sack where he just got outplayed. Adams is going to be a beast. No way you give Gilbert his starting job back.

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    The overall team fitness and speed early in the season was not as it should be, Maybe it's taken this time for them to get in game shape?. I'm really happy the line is killing it now and hope they keep everybody in place and nail Gilberts fat *** to the pine even if it was just to prevent self inflicted injuries.Powerful punishing running game again, I've been pining for this to return for years now!.

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    I think a very overlooked part of our running game's success is Will Johnson. He gives whoever is carrying the ball some kind of seam an the running game is obviously boosted when he is in the game. The lack of FB under B.A. was one of the most criticized things when it came to BAs gameplan. Will Johnson is a monster and really doing some great things for this team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick5574 View Post
    Do you guys feel that the running game struggles to start the year was not because any of the backs in particular and that the offensive line was just struggling? Right now it seems that any back we put in the game would be able to pile up 100 yards with the newfound aggressiveness of our linemen.
    Yes..I do now.
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