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Thread: Is Keenan Lewis on par with Ike Taylor?

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    Is Keenan Lewis on par with Ike Taylor?

    This isn't a question just based on tonight's performance mind you, but overall this season. Certainly the Giants game tonight though was another step in the right direction.

    Before the game, Bill Hillgrove asked Mike Tomlin who was going to cover Victor Cruz and he said emphatically that Ike Taylor would draw that duty. Citing his experience, etc.

    Keenan Lewis had himself one helluva night overall, 3 passes defensed in the first half and overall solid coverage throughout the night. He had a couple hiccups here and there, including 1 legit PI and one phantom PI but regardless he's coming into his own. I will pat myself on the back and say that I was calling for him to start since the offseason Ok I'll shut up now..LOL.

    Seriously though, it probably all depends on your perspective of how good Ike Taylor really is, but nonetheless Carnell Lake has himself a pretty damn good set of cornerbacks now and some good depth to go along with it.

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    Lewis was definitely solid. He had a tough task the entire game and he definitely game to play. Had a tipped pass also. I'm really impressed with how he played today.

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    Keenan Lewis has played great the past few weeks. He's becoming a very solid corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Keenan Lewis has played great the past few weeks. He's becoming a very solid corner.
    Doesn't that sound sweet given our rapidly aging/failing secondary.
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    I noticed Lewis right from the get go tonight. The most impressive play was the tipped ball at the line of scrimmage on 3rd down. Im not going to say he's at Ike's level quite yet, but he's improving big time, and is fully capable of being a strong starting CB in this league

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    Is Keenan Lewis on par with Ike Taylor?

    Ike will soon be the third best on the team!
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    I've been a big Lewis fan since he was drafted and was disappointed it took this long for him to show his skills but am very glad they didn't give up on him.

    Welcome to prime time Mr. Lewis
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    He's becoming Solid ... but I don't think on par yet with Ike ... Ike covers the number 1 on any team any time 1 on 1, and more times then not shuts them down... I don't think Lewis is ready for that yet

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    He's getting there. Played a great game last week, had another great one tonight. Love that kid, so glad he's finally becoming a solid corner for us.
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    When/If he learns how to tackle, he's gonna REALLY be good.

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