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I know. I don't want to see him anywhere else. Im getting completely sick of this team always giving away their legit #1 receivers for nothing. The Plax situation bothered me, the Santonio situation made my blood boil, but losing Wallace would crush me
Although not related to the topic, I have to share a funny story about Plax. I moved to Kentucky in late 2009 from upstate NY. In NY, I was a teacher in the prison system, specifically Oneida Correctional Facility a medium security facility (since closed by the state). I taught in the protective custody unit, which is where Plax was put in. He obviously didn't need "school", but he was around a lot when I was on the unit twice a week. I was able to have some great conversations with him. He is a cool dude. (I also helped Lillo Brancato, the kid from the DeNiro movie "A Bronx Tale" get his GED.)

I moved at the end of the year. One of my biggest disappointments was that Cowher came in to interview Plax for the Super Bowl coverage but I was already gone. :-(