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Thread: Redman lovers and doubters unite!

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    A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE!!!!! Which 100 yard back to run with big props to the O-Line!!!

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    We could run them both and just hammer away.

    If this team could get into that mindset of we are going to hammer away, and keep hammering then...BOOM!......playaction to Wallace or AB for a 50 yard TD. We would be feared throughout this league.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Where's Lakelander?

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    I admit prior to last night's game, he looked slow and just wasn't hitting the holes. He looked great last night, and if he gets the start again on Monday night, I hope it carries over. Again, they don't have to run for 150+, but they have to run the ball well enough that the defense has to respect the play fake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    Don't know what you've been smoking but Mendy ISN'T the best runningback on this team. That belongs to Dwyer. No Fumbles from Dwyer,
    Just because you say it, doesn't make it true. One fumble each this year, hardly a huge problem from either, but Mendenhall doesn't have a history of being a fumbler.

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