Tomlin and Haley need to make the right call and keep Dwyer in the game as the starter, and spell him with Mendy or Redman. Mendy and Dwyer would be a great combination and when one of them gets hurt you have Redman there to step right in.

I get that players have each other's back, and that's great! I'd be shocked and disappointed if they didn't stick together and pull for each other. They all know they have their role on this team and everyone just wants to win.

But, there is no reason that Dwyer should be pulled from the starting job right now. He's got the hot hand, run with it and see how far he can carry you. When Mendy gets back, use them both and let them battle it out if you want.

I've always said that sports is a "what have you done for me lately" league, and injury or not Dwyer is getting the job done. The Steelers have always been a " what have you done for me the last 5 or 10 years" team. I do see that trend starting to change just a bit with all the changes this past offseason in letting players go, but if I'm Todd Haley, I've got no allegiance to anyone except the guys that are playing hard, playing well, and helping the team win now.

You've got 3 talented backs and a speedster like Rainey and Batch who is servicable. You can't start them all, it's a tough decision because everyone wants to play. All 3 main guys can do a good job, and I still like Redman overall but clearly Ired is better when Mendy is in the game with him. Dwyer has shown, so far, that he can do it all by himself if he has too.

Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman said they believe Mendenhall should start when he is healthy because he has been No. 1 through the years and has done nothing to change that. This, even though Dwyer became the first back in four years to string together consecutive 100-yard games rushing with a chance for a third (previously done by Willie Parker in 2007) Sunday against the New York Giants.

"I mean, Rac is the guy," said Dwyer, referring to Mendenhall by his nickname. "Rac has been here for years, and they drafted him in the first round to be a starter. That's his room and we complement him."

Mendenhall missed the first three games while recovering from January ACL surgery, with Redman starting all three. Mendenhall returned to start against Philadelphia and played well, with 68 yards rushing on 13 carries and 33 yards on three receptions, one a touchdown. His Achilles was injured in the next game, and he hasn't played since.
He returned to a limited practice Wednesday, and it's possible he will miss his sixth game. Redman returned to a full practice after he, too, missed the previous game with a sprained ankle.

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