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Thread: Sanders meeting with Goodell over his "legitimate leg cramps"

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    This is funny ****. Goodell needs to get a ****ing life.

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    Does Goodell meet with the 10s of other plays who fake injuries every game..

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    Although I am sure he was,how can Goodell prove he was faking ? Well, I guess James Harrison will get fined again !! LOL

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    Something in Roger's life is spiraling out of control to the point that he micro manages the league so much to have complete and total control that it has become a painful joke to witness. I can not think for the life for me aside from his nice salary, how he is able to actually be happy in his personal life and his position as commissioner? It is truly a vexing situation.

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    There are tons of other things going on in the NFL that need to be addressed and this is not one of them. So what? He might have faked a leg cramp so save a time out. Its not that big of deal. There is no way that they can prove it or not so Sanders just needs to stick to his guns when he meets with him.

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