First off, as far as we know it's still going to be on Sunday at 4:25, but depending on how things go with the cleanup in NewYork perhaps it gets moved to Monday.

A few early thoughts on this game.

This is a huge test for the Steelers, playing a team like the Giants is a litmus test for anyone. They are head and shoulders above what Washington is right now and Eli is as good as it gets.

Offensive line will have it's hands full with arguably the best front 4 in football. They must protect Ben at all costs; if that DL starts smelling blood it's going to be a long night. The best way to do that is to keep the quick releases going and have some type of a ground game to keep that pass rush in check.

Eli is a pocket passer, you can bring pressure and not worry about him taking off like RGIII. You better get there though in a hurry if you're going to do it because he can extend plays pretty darn well. This is where having Woodley and Harrison back will be a big key.

What else you all got?