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Thread: Another huge Sunday in the AFC North today...

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    Another huge Sunday in the AFC North today...

    By the end of the night the Steelers could be back to once again leading this division if the Ravens lose in Cleveland they take care of business against the Giants. Or they could be 2 games back if the Ravens win in Cleveland and the Steelers lose to the Giants. Either way with that Baltimore matchup now in the rear view mirror just 2 weeks away today once again is another huge huge day in this division for the Steelers. We will see if the Ravens can bounce back after their bye week and beat an improved but still a pretty inferior Browns team on the road, and we will see if the Steelers can finally step up their game and get a signature type win by beating the defending Super Bowl champions at their house. Should be a fun Sunday for sure what is everybody's predictions on how things will turn out today?? Dont forget about the Broncos and Peyton Manning playing at Cincinnati which is another important key game as well...Should be a lot of fun...

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    As long as we take care of our business the 2 matchups vs the Ravens will determine the AFCN winner. But I will admit I am a huge Trent Richardson fan today
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    we won't win today.

    defense's fault

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    Another huge Sunday in the AFC North today...

    Steelers will most likely lose today and split with the Ravens. If they can come out of the next 5 with a 3-2 record, they'll still be in good shape going forward.

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    Can't really see the Ravens losing to Cleveland.

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    I think the Ravens are in trouble today, the last few years the Browns have pushed them to the limit. Now with all the problems the Ravens have along with the improvements of the Browns this year it's a perfect storm for the Browns to steal one.
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