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I would like to see a few more shots down field too but for now I'm not too concerned about it. The only thing that keeps me really scratching my head every week is that the offense continues to go into a shell in the 4th quarter, relying on Dwyer to run out the clock. I want to see that killer attitude again, go for that extra score when you're up by 10 points instead of just turning the ball over with a punt. I know Dwyer ran out the clock 2 weeks ago, which was great but are they going to be able to pour it on and score points when they need too in the 4th quarter?
I agree with this post 100%. The Steelers (this year included) play safe far too much in the 4th quarter with a small lead. We just do not have the defense anymore that we can count on to thwart a good opposing offense. I would love to see us be more aggressive in getting a "kill shot" like the Pats, Saints, and Packers do. Make it a two score game and THEN give it to the RBs to stall it out.