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Thread: The good , the bad and the ugly.

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    The good , the bad and the ugly.

    The good:
    You can see improvement in offense and defense every week.

    The bad:
    Another special team penalty costs us a TD . Something needs to be done. I know we only had 3 penalties this week ( a vast improvement) but every time we receive a kick or punt ,instead of watching the return i look for the flag.

    The ugly:
    Like anyone has to ask, the uniforms. Please put them in storage.
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    I look for/expect the flag too. I actually thought that was what Brown was doing when he got called for the Unsportsmanlike penalty. Was he showboating or looking back to see if there were any flags?

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    I am guessing the flag (not at the kicking end) was for the turnaround to taunt (which is bs). He shouldn't have done it, but a flag for that is a bit out there. I think the flags were down since I did. It see Van Dyke anyway around there to cause 'em.

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    Re: The good , the bad and the ugly.

    More good : Heath Miller still continuing to be the most reliable player on offense.

    Mike Wallace bounced back from that ****-tastic performance last week.
    Keenan Lewis had a great game, but looks like he's emerging as a reliable corner.

    Will Allen doing very well in place of Troy, and solid tackler and good in coverage.

    On the bad, the special teams return units are a joke. Nobody can block legally to save their lives.

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    The special teams situation has become embarassing. I don't like the lack of accountability because the same guys are making the same mistakes over and over again. Gotta bench,or cut, guys who do that.

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    Somehow they've got to get better on SP. Someone probably needs to be cut to get their attention.
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