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Thread: Jonathan Dwyer with back to back 100 yd games

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    I said in the past that Rashard Mendenhall wouldn't receive contract number 2 from the Steelers and I still stick by that.....The RB position is so devalued in the NFL today.....Unless you have an Arian Foster or Adrian Peterson type RB......The Steelers have Dwyer, Redman, Rainey........Let Mendenhall walk and just bring in another RB into the fold with a late round pick.........Sucks Dwyer is out for Sunday since I was looking forward to see if he could put up three consecutive games with 100 yards......But I do think Redman will have a nice game vs the Giants....He is the type of RB that can have success against the Giants defense....Just hit the hole and plow forward.......Redman 60 yds on the ground and 30 receiving with a TD.......

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    Re: Jonathan Dwyer with back to back 100 yd games

    What he said ^^^^

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    Unless Mendy wants a fair contract, let 'em walk. I wouldn't over pay him a bit. RB is an easier position to fill.

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    Jonathan Dwyer with back to back 100 yd games

    Okay Redman time to shine!

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