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Thread: Bubble Screens

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    I think 15 of Ward's last 22 catches were bubble I still hate how many bubble screens are called during the game.....Fine with a few but its still to many.....

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    if down and distance warrant a bubble screen, then great, but they were run wayyyyyyyyyyy to much last season.

    What they can do, or try to do is out of shotgun, run a bubble screen, but pump fake it, and then hit a slot receiver deep.

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    I agree strongly with the last 2 posts. A quick screen is great to surprise a D, but when you run 10+ a game you are not setting up anything but 1 yard gains and the outside chance that a blitzing LB will get a pick 6.
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    Bubble Screens

    Quote Originally Posted by SteelDad View Post
    One of the big differences is the design of the screens. Sometimes you'll see Ben look to the right and then immediately come back to the left. Other times a fake to a RB is involved or it's just a quick throw directly. Also getting Heath Miller out on point blocking has helped too.
    This. They are flat out set up better and being thrown to the right personnel.

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