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He may come back against KC. Please don't hate on Troy until you know the extent of his injury.

Go hate on Wallace.

I would venture a safe guess that everyone on this site knows that when Troy is healthy and on his game he's still an elite player. He may not be quick as quick as he used to be but he's still a game changer. Plus Will Allen and Ryan Mundy aren't anywhere near as good as he is (although I prefer Allen over Mundy personally).

It's not a matter of hating on Troy, it's a matter of the dude just not staying healthy. He's missed 18 games over the last 4 seasons, that's all but 5 games per year. That's not even counting the games he played where he was still hurt and nowhere near his usual self. He can be the best safety ever in the history of the game, but he's just not on the field so therefore does us no good.