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    After their Week 8 bye, the Ravens will rebound to go to 7-2 after beating the Brownies on the road and Oakland @ home. With the Steelers traveling to NY to face the Jints in Week 9, then home again vs. KC on a Mon. Nite Game, their upcoming home game vs. Washington looms as crucial. Lose and we run the risk of being 4-5 when we face
    Baltimore in Week 11, and staring at the possibility of falling a full 4 games behind in the Division. And that assumes a win vs. KC in week 10.
    Redskins are coming off a tough loss vs. the Giants in which they lost their starting TE, Fred Davis for the season. Star linebacker London Fletcher was also hurt and may not play vs. Steelers. We should be favored by 5-6 points. Bottom line is this: best case scenario is Steelers win next three and face off against Ratbirds in Week 11 for Division lead. If we can't win the Giant game, home wins vs. Wash., KC, & Balt. will at least put us just one game behind in the AFC North.

    P.S. Last night was a crushing blow for Bengals. Following their Week 8 bye they face Denver and then NY Giants; that may mean their losing streak goes to 5 and their season is pretty much over.
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