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Thread: Trading Wallce

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Jesus Christ... I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

    His inability to catch? Talk about overreaction Monday. He had a bad game. If you play long enough you'll have a couple. Granted it was the worst game of his career in terms of drops, dropping one less catch than all of last season, but saying he cant catch is ludicrous.

    "Why should teams worry about him anyway?"... That might be the most ridiculous thing ever said on here, and that's saying something when you have a poster like Flame around here. Unfortunately all defense coordinators don't think like you.

    Oh ya, welcome to SA
    one bad game? This is like his third bad game in a row. He was also non-existent in the second half of last season. We all know he was the ability, but he's playing with no heart. Not a way to represent yourself if you want a big contract from any team.
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    Don't feed the trolls.

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    calls Mike Wallace a fag when username is flame...hmmm

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    Re: Trading Wallce

    If they are just gonna let him walk, then trade him. I want more than a comp pick for Wallace. So trade him now, or franchise him and trade him this off-season, but don't let him walk.

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    they are too pussy to trade him and go aggressive in the draft.

    Big T, that player was a team player though.

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    I like Mike, but they aren't going to pay him the big bucks next year, so why not? Now I don't think this has any chance of happening, BUT if they could get anything for him, I'd be all for it. We'd be 100 percent fine with Brown, Sanders, and Cotchery.
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    letting him just walk is insane, they would tag him if they cant sign him. letting a player like mike go without any compensation just rarely happen

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