Probably never going to happen, but with the trade deadline upcoming, would be terrific to see them trade Wallace. With Brown, Miller, Cotchery, and Sanders, the Steelers are in good hands with their receiving corps.

Yes, Wallace stretches the field, but with his inability to catch a football anyway, why should teams worry about him anyway? The odds of him being resigned are slim, so might as well see what can be done. Granted, he is going to have to probably sign an extension with anyone else, in order for them to acquire him via trade... but, at this point, it seems like a split between the Steelers and Wallace is probably best for everyone.

If Sanders can finally stay healthy, they should consider signing him to an extension.

Wallace has WAY overvalued his worth on the open market. Speed receivers, who can't run more than one route, and have inconsistent hands, aren't exactly in high demand.