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Thread: Secondary and RB

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    Secondary and RB

    I like how they have seemed to shift Clark over to SS and had Allen/Mundy playing center field the last 2 weeks. They havent always done this but seemed like a majority of the time.

    Also Dwyer has 1 start over Redmans 5(?) and Dwyer is the leading rusher and almost has TWICE the yds per carry!

    What about Moving Redman to FB and making W. Johnson the inactive back?
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    Let keep W. Johnson at fullback. Hes young, rookie. Keenan Lewis played lights out last night, Cortez Allen did well. Mundy filled in good when Will Allen went out of the game. The defense as a whole played well.

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    I think there was some talk of Redman being a FB back when he was drafted, but then he took off carrying the ball and that pretty much fell by the way side. Plus BA never used a true FB.

    I like Dwyer's ability as much as anyone else, I like him more than Redman but I'm not ready to say Redman is done and can only block. Let's see how JD does with a few more chances to put a chain of nice games together.

    What I really hope doesn't happen is that Tomlin just goes back to keeping Dwyer on the bench in favor of Mendy and iRed. I think he's earned the right to get either another start or atleast be the primary backup.

    After this season one of those two is going to be gone because neither will want to stay and play 3rd fiddle any longer; that's assuming that Mendenhall is re signed.

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