so i had a street hockey league game at 8:00 last night and missed the entire first quarter. when i got in my car to drive home, i turned on the radio right at the snap where ben threw an INT in the end zone.

then this is what i got to hear: INT by ben in endzone...bengals go 3 and out, steelers get a good punt return that gets called back on a penalty...ben fumbles inside the 10...bengals score a TD...steelers get a good kick return that gets called back on a penalty...steelers drive down the field, wallace drops pass in end zone (announcers talk about other drops in game), steelers settle for 3 points.

and as i'm driving home, i think to myself, this is the same ole, same ole!

i get home, turn on the game, and within a couple of plays, woodley comes up with a pick on a really weird play! from that moment on the steelers played football like the way they've played for years. THE STEELERS FINALLY SHOWED UP THIS SEASON!

the defense was dominate! ike and co, shut down AJ green! keenan lewis played the best game i've seen him play! the schemed looked different and it was refreshing to see. they were able to get off the field, and they held a 4th quarter lead. i enjoyed watching them play the way they did!

then there was the offense...ben looked like ben and that was awesome! finding heath and then heath again for the 2 point conversion!!!! AB, manny, and even wallace with some good catches in the second half and moving the chains.
and j.dwyer did his best jerome bettis impersonation. man it was fun to watch.

and none of that could have been possible if it weren't for the o-line play. like i said, i didn't see most of the first half, but what i witnessed in the second half was great line play!!!

the coaches deserve a ton of credit as well. the play calling was fantastic! the defensive game plan was awesome! and the team, minus some early penalties and turnovers, looked prepared to play!!!

if this is the steelers team that shows up every weekend, then i will start to feel much, much better about this team! hopefully this win, will get this team going! but i was very impressed with how they played last night!!!!