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    It sounds like a medical nightmare that might follow eating some sort of industrial grade raisin bran: EXPLODING COLON! Instead it was a brawling Left Guard named Willie Colon going "mad dog" (after the the whistle had blown) on a rookie named Burfict...a player no team in its right mind would touch with a ten foot pole. The most amazing thing was that no penalty was called on Colon, as he churned his legs while driving down on Burfict (who was on his back). It was a little crazy, but drove home the point: the Steelers weren't playin'. This game had to be won and it was going to be won in the trenches.
    What followed was the best O-Line performance of the year, despite being without two starters. Ben got sacked twice, but for the most part had time to throw. Dwyer looked like a young Jerome Bettis in gaining over 100 yards rushing. Lets hope the momentum continues and the team can string together some consecutive wins now.

    P.S. Go to post #23 or #25 for a vid clip of nasty Willie Colon in action.
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