i dont get why some are so against playing over here at the end of the day the vikings fans should be the most pissed ..it was there home game or if you was traveling to the viking ground to see them for this game ..the cash cow that is NFL saw a sell out game in secs and that it was 90.000 seat sell out with all but a few here and there left ..i have been with the group that started in the 80s comeing over to the states to watch the steelers who i fave fallen in love with so i started at 3 rivers and now heinz field ..so i keep seeing i hate the london Game ..what the steelers over there and all that ...there a massive fan base over here in europe i have had fan clubs from germany ..poland ..holland ..france all contact me to ask what happening and can we all meet up i have had lots of active US service men doing the same as thay are all comeing over for 4/5 days to take in london and game game with the team thay love who thay have to watch on TV each week as do i here in the uk so we get to see the team we love on our out front door the game is massive over here and in europe ok the world league did not go that well but when ever a team came over even for a preseaon game sell out ..thay saw a market and now 2 game a year .. and even if thay put a team here ..yes i get a season ticket ..just so i can see the steelers on the off chance thay come over and then we get the promo stuff like ben comeing over this week and us 30 meeting him was superb there another one later in the month when 5 players are comeing over from all 4 team ..think roman foster is poping over ..ben said on tues hes going back to say that there is fans over here and not just other team fan in wembly. the steelers will never give up a home game as it sells out and you only come over when your ground Does not sell out ..ie jags and vikings not selling out and now over here thay have a sell out .....septs game will be a home game for ben and the boys there will be a sea of black and gold