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    Quick 2013 mock

    Since this season is frustrating

    Quick Mock I'm saying we'll draft around the 10-15 ... and Mike Tomlin puts his stamp on the team and moves it to a 4-3 Team

    Off season you cut all the old people even if it means mediocre year the following year, it's time to go in a new direction and i'm liking what I've been seeing from 4-3 teams ... that means cut Harrison, Cut Hampton, Cut Keisel , Cut Clark(even though he been playing good), Cut Ike (even though he 1 of my favorite players) maybe even cut Woodly (not old but when is he healthy??)

    1st round- David Amerson - FS -NCS - ball hawking free safety with size to stop jump balls

    2nd round- Gerald Hodges - OLB - PSU - Coming from Linebacker U, converted safety , instinctive player

    3rd round- Zavier Gooden - OLB - Mizz - Physical freak , good production

    4th round- Trevardo Williams - DE - Conn - New 4-3 scheme need another pass rushing DE coming off the edge , it's what he does

    5th round- Blidi Wreh-Wilson - CB - Conn - 2 straight Conn players? ... but Blidi has the ability if he can stay healthy to be a higher round pick

    6th round- Shamarko Thomas - S - Syracuse - Has the athletic ability, is real good in helping the run, coverage a little suspect, but he has played every position from LB, CB, S so he offers versatility to the def.

    7th round- Travis Carrie - CB - Ohio -

    As an Alt I would love Baccari Rambo to play opposite from Amerson on the SS , that would be a nice "Splash" play safety Unit ... but would have to probably take him in at least the 2nd and I like Hodges too
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