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Thread: 4 Canadian bro Steelers addicts@ravens tailgating bars : need any/all advice

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    4 Canadian bro Steelers addicts@ravens tailgating bars : need any/all advice

    Four Canadian brothers all over the country; big Steeler fans. Using Pittsburgh for the first annual yearly reunion spot. Always loved the Steelers:...I actually live in DC but come here about 4 time a year just cause I love this place. This is our first time and planning to make this a yearly road trip. I got the tix. wow, not cheap, but were all in the door!! Will be down 2 days before to spill some cash around the city of champions. Its my idea so, Im the planner (and Moms favorite) but dont know much. So, am under the gun to avoid brotherly abuse need advice on making it the best time..

    Here's all I know for sure:
    Steelers fans are the best in the world.
    This is really one of the best citys in the country.
    invest International $$ locally: Rolling Rock, Iron city Beer, Bramates etc..

    Heres all I think I know:
    Parking in the gold section (or someone said Blue G7) is best for tailgating
    5 hours before is when things start.
    Getting out after the game is a bitch (but were all taking off monday so, no worries... but how long can I Keep my car in the lot AFTER the game?? (guess I dont know that either)
    Heard there are new rules as of last month (?)

    Heres what youngest brother Marty says:
    Best to bring extra beer and food and make another tailgate better.

    All advice on tailgate partys, pre tailgate bars, hotels, much appreciated.

    Signed. Mom's Fav
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