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Thread: Fire Tomlin, Le Beau and Haley, but Keep Obama and Biden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three Four View Post
    I'm just trying to understand the logic that's all. If Tomlin went 2-14, you'd call for him to be fired. If a president ruins our economy after four years, you want to give him four more. So by this logic, Tomlin has 4 years to 2-14 each season and then you'd give him another 4 more after that. If you vote for Obama, that is what you are doing.
    try to understand economics instead.

    the comparison you made is so dumb that it make me fear for the human races survival. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three Four View Post
    Political crap
    I come here to get away from the politics. Keep it off the boards please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three Four View Post
    I don't get the logic of Pennsylvania steelers fans and Pennsylvanians. We are five games into the season and you want to fire everyone. That's ridiculous. The steelers may have an off year, a losing season. That sucks. That does not mean next year will be bad or the one after. Tomlin, LeBeau, and Haley are good coaches. The team will persevere.

    The irrationality comes in when we've had 4 years of a bad economy and nothing looks like it is getting better. Yet, Pennsylvania is going to vote overwhelmingly for Obama. I don't get the logic. The Steelers win, the Steelers lose. Its a game. The direction and the well being of our country are our lives. I just wish we had the same urgency to get the right people into office as we do to replace coaches.
    Where was this speech when Bush was flying planes into the towers?

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