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Thread: One positive tonight - Heath Miller and Big Ben

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalSteel View Post
    I thought Ben tried to force the ball to AB way to much last night when 88 was open early in the game.
    For all we know, Todd Haley got on him for that, because I saw him throw to Emmanuel Sanders more in the second half.
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    He forced that pass to Heath in the corner of the endzone too. I have no problems going to Heath but he was covered and running out of real estate too quickly to fit that one in.

    That being said Heath is just flat out awesome, I can't fault him for that missed TD catch. Ben, I'm glad he overtook Bradshaw, I'm sick of TB and his constant rants about Ben and snide remarks.

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    Another positive thing that came out of this game was Ben's postgame interview - he looked seriously pissed and determined to turn this thing around. Now I know most of the problem lies on the defensive side of the ball, but as a leader, it doesn't matter what position it is, get in their face and light a fire under their ***. if Nate Washington can do this to Ike, what will AJ Green do?

    Kick their butts Ben.

    PS: Please don't have your baby next week; we need a win.

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