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LeBeau's defense, like most in the league require long periods of rest in order to be successful. It's the offense's job to sustain long offensive drives in order to provide that rest to the defense. Cowher understood that and ran his offense accordingly. Tomlin is completely incapable of such offensive drives throughout the course of the game. He scores quick, sits on his a$$, and really doesn't try to sustain any offensive drives until he's forced to score again.

This is a passing league now. Secondaries can barely breath the same air as receivers without being called for a penalty. Aside from Roethlisberger's interception and the blocked punt, the Titans scored only 16.

Also throw in the fact that our secondary should've came away with two easy interceptions, but the personnel just isn't there. Throw in the fact that Ike Taylor is still on this team and I actually feel bad for LeBeau.
Cowher had an offensive line that could dominate the line of scrimmage.....Big difference....All I'm saying you're quick to bash Tomlin and rightfully so.....But the old man needs to get bashed as well.....He called a joke of a game once again tonight and let a sorry washed up QB own his defense tonight...Go ahead and make excuses all you want for LeBeau,
I really don't care how many points the defense gave up....In key spots when they needed to hold the lead the defense failed yet again....