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Thread: Trickle down mediocrity...

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    Trickle down mediocrity...

    after the mile high debacle last season, i posted on here that you could hear the window slamming shut. and this season is has not changed that view in my eye.

    we are all struggling to place blame one thing or person, but it starts at the top and works it's way down on every level.

    THE FRONT OFFICE: art II and colbert have not done the necessary work to bring in the right players either through the draft, trades, or free agency. we thought we had a great draft this year, and while decastro and spence will likely be studs for years to come (barring injury), and rainey has potential, but the rest were horrible picks. adams is a flippin joke. they rolled the dice on this guy and it came up snake eyes. the rest are just wasted picks.

    and while i know all draft picks don't pan out, the steelers have had a great track record of filling the gaps with competent FA's. some of those have even gone on to be steeler greats, like james farrior! but that has been sorely lacking during the tomlin era. how long have we gone without addressing the secondary? the o-line? and now our LB core and d-line (the heart of the defense) have no depth and are ancient!

    every team has to deal with injuries. hell, the texans came very close to making the super bowl with a 3rd string QB that would have to improve to be on the same level of brian st. pierre. we can't use injuries as an excuse, what we need is better depth and the FO has not provided it.

    MIKE TOMLIN: when mike was hired i liked the selection. i thought it was the right one at the right time. but now i see tomlin is not the guy for this organization. cowher had stinker games and stinker seasons, but for the most part his teams were competitive to down right dominating. tomlins teams are SOFT! they consistently play down to weaker opponents. they almost never put teams away and make potential blow outs into nail biters. and all tomlin can say is "we win ugly". BUT WE DON'T NEED TO WIN UGLY!!!! his "the standard is the standard" line is worn out. his standard is soft, mediocre football. he's not a head coach. he's a buddy buddy coach. the team lacks discipline, they talk way to much trash, they pound their chest over the most pedestrian of plays, and they are not held accountable for their mistakes. say what you want about cowher, he was a players coach, but they also feared him. tomlin's guys could pants him during the game and there would be no consequences from it.
    and don't get me started on his in-game coaching!

    ASSISTANT COACHES: lebeau's time is up. it's clear. his defense may still be good enough to get it done in today's NFL, but not with his talent. but good coaches adjust to the talent they have not the talent they had or want. we savaged BA for this for years, and rightfully so, and lebeau's has continued that standard.

    we hung on to BA too long and made the defense win a lot of games for us. the offense looks to be improving (last night not withstanding) and the defense has just flat out sucked. WE ARE WASTING BEN'S PRIME! we needed BA gone when we had a great defense, not our offense could be great but it doesn't matter because our defense can't stop the most pedestrian teams in the league. we've made career average QB's who are older than old, look like joe montana in his prime.

    kugler gets a lot of flack for the o-line problems but why doesn't john mitchell get called out. our d-line is a joke. hood is a bust. why is hampton even on the team? our d-line is not improving, it is regressing. hasselback could have had coffee and a donut in the pocket last night.

    and what about our conditioning coach? these injuries can't all be bad luck. the steelers look old, while the ravens players of the same age look 5 years younger. the steelers look fat and slow as well. the big boys up front get zero push off the line...

    BOTTOM LINE: this team is done this year. i don't know what the exact time the game ended but a doctor could have called the time of death for the steelers season. there has to be changes made. changes in the front office, changes in the coaching staff...if not the head coach himself. i can handle the losses. we can't win the super bowl or even make the playoffs every year. but i can't handle the crappy play on the field. win or lose, this team looks like **** week in and week out. something's gotta give.
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    EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It starts at the top! Colbert has been horrible. and it's trickled down. Bad defensive cordinator in Le Bum, bad strength and conditioning coaching for the O-lineman too.
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    I agree with much of the sentiment and the spotty history of the draft. However, it's way too early to call Spence or DeCastro studs (have they played one regular season snap yet?) or to call Adams a bust. Give it some 3 years and then we'll talk.

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    Amen to that !
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    Trickle down mediocrity...

    Great post!

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