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Thread: Field Goal decision was the wrong move

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    I agree it was the wrong call.

    Do they ask Susham in that situation what the max is he's comfortable kicking? I don't mean on 4th down I mean when the drive starts so it's pre determined if we are within X yards we go for the FG.
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    Steelers gave the Titans the ball at the 44 yard line with 50 seconds left, knowing they couldn't stop the titans offense. And to that end, My God did James Harrison look slow!

    One of the dumber calls Tomlin has made as a Steeler.

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    This is has been a hugely hot topic all day on Twitter and all over the Steelers talk shows. I'm amazed at how the differences are with some saying yeah you go for it, others saying punt it.

    There was no way I was comfortable with Suisham kicking 52 yds, let alone 54. I was screaming just punt the damn ball. I don't care what the defense has done, you play the percentages and try to force a mistake. You have a better chance of doing that from the 10 or 20 than you do at the 45. Remember, it's not like the Titans offense was without flaw either. Who's say he doesn't throw another pick? A dropped 4th down pass, a sack, something.

    I'll play field position every time over a 54 yd field goal unless you're down and the game is on the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    Suisham drilled it, but it was a 54 yarder, which has to be hit perfectly. Bottom line, punt, hope you can play defense, and go to overtime. Perhaps he forgot OT is no longer sudden death?

    **** Poor coaching last night, defense as a unit was atrocious. 8-3 the rest of the way puts them at 10-6. If things stay the way they are now, that won't be easy.
    Not with all those injuries. No way. We are down to 4th string in some spots. I mean, come on.

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    Hell yes it was the wrong call, it was a stupid call. I don't care if you trust your defense or not, giving the offense the ball near the 50 is just putting an already struggling defense behind the 8 ball. You could not be confident in Suisham to make another long FG under that pressure. The kid has been awesome this year but the percentages tell me you always make the other team work for their points.

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    just like it was in the sb twoyears ago.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    yes. said punt before, say punt after...

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    I bet hrapmann makes that kick or Waters
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    I was wondering the same thing when Suisham was ready to kick with 54 seconds left. I looked at the clock and saw "54" seconds and wondered what if he misses the kick!!! just had a weird feeling about it.

    When is Tomlin gonna learn from his mistakes!!!! I think something similar happened last year, although I don't remember the game, details..etc.
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