Before you go all crazy, here me out..LOL

We've seen 2 different offenses out of the Steelers this year so far. The throw it all over creation and the run it all over creation. How much of the former was due to just not being able to run though? With Mendenhall back now, they clearly were much more confident in the running game and used it almost to the point of predictability.

Against the Eagles they ran it 30 times and passed 37 times. Against the Raiders they ran it 21 times and passed 34 times.

If you're Todd Haley, are you going to run the ball like crazy this week or go back to the pass and try put this game away before it even really starts? I'm still not sure I fully know what this offense is after last week. Balance is the ultimate key here but the passing game is beyond a shadow of a doubt the strength of the offense.