The running game is back.

The fact that we have this gives us a chance to go up against any team in the AFC.

If we can cut down on penalties and stop dropping passes, then we're surefire contenders.

The bungals just got upseted and embarrassed at home by the dolphins.

The browns continue to be winless upon getting blown out by NYG.

And even the Ravens. OHHHHHH the Ravens. Continue to show problems.
Losing to this same eagles team(don't take much away from that though people)
Almost losing to the browns despite it being at home.
And basically being handed the W by the chiefs(seriously why do the chiefs keep Matt Cassel around?). If Cassel doesn't fumble in the endzone then the chiefs win.
It's shown to me that the Ravens REALLY struggle away no matter who they're playing.

If we can be consistent, then we can and should beat the Ravens in Pittsburgh(away is a different story but the browns game gives me hope).

The eagles defense is very similar to the Ravens.
Good Dbs and a good D line but has a struggling LB corp.

I'd put in Ben in clutch moments like the playoffs(that's far off though) before I'd take Flacco.

From here we got a good schedule for a little bit as opposed to the ravens.

We go away to play a bad Titans team.
After that we go away to play the bengals.
Then we host the redskins.
After that we go away to face the NYG. The giants don't do very well at home.

The ravens host the cowboys.
Then they go away to play the texans(can't get any tougher than that).
Then after a bye, they go away to play the browns. This is a ? but seeing as the browns almost beat them at home and now they're going away, one can hope.

Best case scenario we can be 6-2 by week 9 and the ravens could be 5-3 by week 9.

By the way I'd also like to thank the colts for sticking it the packers. Can't wait to see that game on NFL replay. We all wish Chuck Pagano a speedy recovery. God bless.