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Gotta love it. Plays extremely well the first three games, has one subpar game and now he's a bum again lol. Jesus this **** just never ends. How can anyone bitch about Wallace's play today? He was blatantly held twice (one that would've been a TD at the end of the first half), both of which weren't called, and he was blatantly interfered with by Asomugha on that 4th down heave to the endzone and that wasn't called. Not to mention that Ben overthrew him on what would've been an easy long TD. The man has one drop, ONE, and the bashing starts again... Seriously? Give the man a f*cking break.

On the other hand. Antonio Brown drops TWO balls, one that would've been a TD on an absolute perfect throw by Ben, and no one says anything. HE'S the one making all the money! Mike Wallace has been better than Brown this season (though Brown has plays generally well). Antonio has a few drops on the season, 2 fumbles against Oakland (one that was huge and contributed to the loss), every catch he gets up and acts like he broke the NFL f*cking record for receiving yards, and talks **** to the media, yet Wallace is the one that gets bashed after one game. Now I love Antonio Brown. I love what he brings to the team. But the man is underperforming for the money he's making, and deserves more criticism than Wallace.

Every player has a couple subpar games a season, can we please not be completely ridiculous over one f*cking game... Please?
I have been bringing up the fact that Brown had drops as well.........Its funny that Mike Wallace will continue to be the antichrist for holding out.....It was ok when Ward held out and its ok when Brown drops balls but not Mike Wallace.....