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Thread: Early thoughts on the Titans game this Thursday night...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    We've got to find a way to hit a sitting duck QB like Hasselbeck.
    Old, immobile QB... Needs to be blitzed up the middle. Timmons should be in line for another huge game. That is if LeBeau uses him correctly like he did against Philly.

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    Scarey. They are do a win as ****** as they are. Sunday to Thursday night = 4 days off.
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    And their fans.

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    Early thoughts on the Titans game this Thursday night...

    Titans just lost their RB, Johnson will be their main guy, we need to pound his *** and force hasselshit to throw!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevonKirkland99 View Post
    We're playing this Thursday?! We can barely win at home by 2 points....I love this team, but I am frustrated with the defense this year!
    Were not going to blow every team out of the water. Philly beat the ravens, relax we won the game. Posts like this are so annoying. We only won by 2 points the sky is falling! good grief

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    I'd really like to see a convincing victory against the Titans. A couple pics (we have what, one so far in 4 games? That's a pace of 4 for the year.)

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    hopefully we are just warming up now...

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    My fear is this game against Tennessee could be similar to the game against Oakland. Offense puts up crazy numbers, but the defense shits the bed against an intelligent but washed up QB on the road.

    LeBeau absolutely cannot coach scared like he's been doing too often this year. Be aggressive and put Hasselbeck on his ***. For much of the game against the Eagles, Timmons made us forget Woodley and Polamalu were out. He needs to be a game wrecker and not end up dropping back into coverage.

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    Defensively, the Steelers must hit CJ2K hard and low. Not take out his ankles of knee caps, but blast him in his thoght, make him not want to carry the ball. He is the only chance the Titans have of beating the Steelers unless Ben throws 5 INTS and the Titans get 3 special teams TD's. I still see what too much arm tackling for my taste. Steelers defenders need to run through people.

    No turnovers on offense, be patient, no major injuries, and the Steelers win this game 24-7.

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    Vegas likes us by 5 points. I will guess the final score at 24-14. I would love to see Ben get in synch with Wallace and blow this open early.
    I like big hits and I cannot lie

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    And of course, minimize the holding penalties and head shots.

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