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Steelers just need to take care of their own business. They won today but it was a very very sloppy win. Colon had like 3 holding penalties on him. Didn't have a good game at all. The defense had 2 personal fouls on 1 drive that helped the Eagles get a TD. All in all, they were flagged 9 times for 106 yards.

This is a game where the Eagles fumbled 4 times, losing 2 of them; where we rushed for 136 yards and held the ball for over 33 minutes. It should have been an easy victory. Instead, it was a nail biter.

We put up that effort against a decent QB, and they are going to eat us alive.
Exactly. I'm happy for the win but this is nothing to beat our chest about. We need to get better. WR dropping balls all over the place. The overall defensive effort was good but we have to be better.