Hi guys.

I'm 16 years old.

I'm from Philispburg PA which is basically off the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I live in the heart of steelers country.

I'm a hardcore Steelers fan.

My Dad lived through it all. He had been to dozens of games at three rivers stadium. He watched them win all 4 rings in the 70s.

He always enjoyed mocking me when I was younger because I'm a Drew Brees fan(not a saints fan, I just like Brees) and he laughed about how heavy his hand felt cause it had 6 rings on it.

I always felt like I should have been a steelers fan from the beginning when I was born. It just felt natural. And I knew more about the steelers franchise than any other. They're the most disciplined franchise ever.

My Grandpa died and he gave the coolest thing ever to my Dad and Uncle.

A terrible towel framed. With a photo of Myron Cope next to it.