Has the time come for Steeler fans to face some ugly realities?

Has the great Steelers resurgence hit a wall?

Is Dick Le Beau the latest in the long line of "great guys we owe a few extra years to"?

Is Todd Haley Ben's biggest fear?

Is this the year we throw away because of age on defense?

Is this going to be a colossal shame of "what the offense could have been"?

Is this going to be a colossal shame of "what we could have done with this offense if we had a defense"?


Think about what we've witnessed so far. Yes Haley is an idiot but Ben is mentally tough enough to handle him, and yes we lost to the Raiders for God sake but we always lose to the Raiders, and yes we are 1-2 while Cinci and Baltimore are 1 1/2 games ahead of us and look pretty good..... but it's early.

We should be getting key players back who, despite age and diminished skills, are integral to the operation of the defense.

Despite the fact that I am not a huge fan of Mendenhall he will provide another weapon which will allow the offense to operate at another level.

And I think it's fair to say that we all know the defense is better than they have looked so it's just a matter of getting some things to gel and I think this can be a 11-5 team and still win the division.

This week we entertain a team who is schizophrenic and has a mental midget, turnover machine, bad decision making, over-rated, fragile, inaccurate passer running the offense. This could be exactly what the doctor ordered to get this season off and running!