I was reading through some Steeler articles in my daily blog travels and one of my normal stops besides SA, is over at BTSC. They did a story today about this week coming up being a normal time when Lamarr Woodley starts to really come, especially in the sack category.

The good news is Woodley is used to busting out of early season sack slumps in a big way right around the Steelers' fifth game each season. Since 2010, LaMarr Woodley has five sacks in Week 5 games - never failing to notch less than 1.5 - sometimes with impressive performances in Weeks 1-4, sometimes not so much.

The bad news is Week 5 has always been Woodley's fifth game of the season. In 2012, it's his fourth. In that same stretch of time, Woodley has zero sacks in his fourth game of the year.
So which Woodley do we see this week? The break out game changer? I sure hope so because something has to give sooner or later with this defense.