As a Steelers fan it has been great seeing outside linebackers dominte on the defenseive side of the ball for so long. I wanted to start a thread on which of these two linebackers you would pick in there prime. I want to compare Porter and Harrison. I'm not saying either one is worse but one of them in my opinion was more dominate. Porter had a longer career but dont take anything away from Harrison on that. I have some stats here below so noone really has to go doing homework before they decide. Keep the thread civil and no bashing on other's opinions. Keep it classy. I would have to go with Porter. The guys had such a nastiness to him every game. Fast explosive and played his *** off every game and ran his mouth off before every game at midfield. I miss watching Peezy play in the black and gold. Im glad he retired a steeler. Im just glad I got to watch Porter and Harrison follow up right after he left to keep the dominate pass rush coming from the edge.

Stats off of when they started a full season.

Harrison 2004-2010 seasons

488 combined total tackles
49 Sacks
18 Pass def
5 Int's
25 Forced Fumbles

Porter 1999-2006

448 combined tackles
60 sacks
43 Pass def
10 Ints
18 Forced fumbles