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Thread: I'm so tired of the "letting players sit and learn" mentality

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Because pointing out a 7th round pick is obviously a great away to make your point about our 1st round drafting.

    And your idea about trading our 2011 and 2012 1st round picks in 2010 is completely idiotic. I have a huge man-crush on Earl Thomas, but like I said, it's an idiotic idea. That means no Heyward, meaning no depth behind Ziggy f*cking Hood (which he'll eventually start over of the coaching staff gets their heads out of their asses) and Keisel. Also meaning that our D line (which the entire 3-4 depends on) would be in even worse position than it is now. It doesn't matter who's in the secondary in the D line is awful. And your idea would mean that our line would be in worse position because we wouldn't have DeCastro (who even after this knee injury will be a dominant guard) coming back into the lineup. Do you really want the O line to continue to look the way it does right now?

    Use your head there chief
    Then we didn't need Pouncey and we needed Earl.

    We won a Super Bowl with a porus offensive line but almost lost because of the secondary.

    We won't go back to the Super Bowl without a good secondary.

    Allen and Lewis aren't the answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Just feel the need to rant for a bit because nothing ever changes with our Steelers defense, but really the whole mentality surrounding this team in general. I admit we've been spoiled by some outstanding play over the last 10 years; back when Blitzburgh was truly Blitzburgh. When is it time for a change of thinking, I don't care who the coaches are.

    I didn't see Mike Wallace sitting on the bench when he was drafted. Sanders and Brown were getting reps early on too. Mendenhall was thrown into the offensive gameplan right out of the gate, DeCastro was slated to start, the list goes on and on.

    When is it going to be ok to allow that to happen on defense too??? Don't give me this, "the steeler defense is too hard to master" crap either anymore. I'm so tired of that excuse. Sure it's hard to learn, what isn't in the NFL. It's nothing more than a rationalization to hang onto veterans who need to be cut as much as it's having no faith in the talent you draft. When you sprinkle in new talent over time, you can live with the growing pains.

    Cam Heyward is not doing anybody any good being a rotational player. Since when do you let a 1st round pick continue to play second fiddle to a guy ahead of him who's had more than enough time to develop and still isn't anything special?

    Where is the linebacker drafting at? If Jason Worilds and Chris Carter are the best you got then something has been wrong way too long. I get that Sean Spence is going to be the future, and it sucks that he got hurt but drafting guys like him has been lacking to say the least.

    The secondary right now, Safety in particular is ridiculous. The dropoff in play when Troy and Ryan aren't in there is beyond unacceptable. What is it going to take to draft their replacements? Why do we have to wait until the guy can barely move anymore before you consider finding someone else.

    You could rationalize the fact that after SB XLIII, many of the players that were on the team after that win or are still on this team should have been replaced by now. That was their last hurrah. The loss to the Packers should have been more than enough to make them realize that. We were living on borrowed time with no depth and we got burned.

    Let go, move on, let the young guys play and draft better talent. You live with the growing pains but the rewards are huge!!

    Sincerely - a life long fan tired of the same old same old...
    THANK YOU 20 plus years of the same schemes,it truly is time for a change...

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    Many of these problems are the result of ****** high round drafting.

    In 2010: Pouncey, Worlids, Sanders. Worlids should be the heir apparent to Harrison. But he's a 2nd round bust. Pouncey is very good, as is Sanders.

    In 2009: Hood, Urbik, Wallace. Clearly a grand slam with Wallace. Urbik, not sure he even made the team. Now starts for Buffalo. Ziggy, decent player, but is he really first round talent?

    2008: Mendenhal, Sweed, Bruce Davis. Horrible draft. Sweed, big time bust. Another wasted 2nd rounder. Bruce Davis, don't even remember him to comment,

    2007: Great draft: Timmons, Woodley, Spaeth.

    If they got, say as Jason Pierre-Paul in Ziiggy Hood, maybe they wouldn't have had to draft Heyward and could have used that pick elsewhere. If they got a Wallace in Sweed, maybe they could have picked a S instead of Wallace or Sanders.

    I thought the last couple drafts were good, and this past one may be the best since 2007, but we absolutely cannot miss on 1s and 2s this often and expect to never dabble in FA to cover those misses. The 1 should be an excellent player, strong contributor, and the 2 should be a good solid player that holds a position for 5 years or more.

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