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Because pointing out a 7th round pick is obviously a great away to make your point about our 1st round drafting.

And your idea about trading our 2011 and 2012 1st round picks in 2010 is completely idiotic. I have a huge man-crush on Earl Thomas, but like I said, it's an idiotic idea. That means no Heyward, meaning no depth behind Ziggy f*cking Hood (which he'll eventually start over of the coaching staff gets their heads out of their asses) and Keisel. Also meaning that our D line (which the entire 3-4 depends on) would be in even worse position than it is now. It doesn't matter who's in the secondary in the D line is awful. And your idea would mean that our line would be in worse position because we wouldn't have DeCastro (who even after this knee injury will be a dominant guard) coming back into the lineup. Do you really want the O line to continue to look the way it does right now?

Use your head there chief
Then we didn't need Pouncey and we needed Earl.

We won a Super Bowl with a porus offensive line but almost lost because of the secondary.

We won't go back to the Super Bowl without a good secondary.

Allen and Lewis aren't the answers.