I don't think Baltimore looks any better than us. Their D is bottom of the pile too. A few plays that don't go their way and they are looking at a losing record too. Even so, they could finish strong, as could we. I like our offense better than theirs by far. Flacco has done well, but has not lit up the boards. I feel the Bengals will waiver. With what is left of the schedule, I look for New England to be the team to beat. Regardless, I think we have just as much of a possibility to make the playoffs as any other team in our division. Even more so.

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Only one team is likely coming out of the East IMO. I don't think there's a ton of quality in the West. If the Steelers can right the ship we could be looking at three teams out of the North. Why shouldn't we think the Steelers can make the playoffs?

Now the division is a different beast at this point. Baltimore looks real tough and already has a lead. Cincy is going to be right there again.

WAY too early to be writing teams off.