Let's face it, the steelers don't have it this year. They beat the hapless Jets. Lost to the so so broncos and the terrible Raiders. The Steelers just are not good. It's not entirely the Steelers fault. A bunch of injuries and bad luck plays have them at 1-2.
The Steelers offense looks good enough on paper to carry the defense, but the running game is practically nonexistent. Redman and Dwyer are disappointments. Rainey needs a good line to spring him loose. The return of Mendenhall will help, but his hands aren't as good as Redman's or Dwyer's, so how is he really going to fit into the new offense?

The Oline is worse than last year. Colon, Legursky and Foster are not up to the task. The Steelers need Adams to step up and DeCastro needs to recover quickly. If the Steelers had these two playing and a decent run game, I think the Steelers could finish 11-5 or 10-6. But that's not going to happen.

The Steelers D is well, anemic at best. The pass rush is practically non existent. Harrison can't get on the field. Polamalu is nursing his calf. The Secondary is horrible save Clark. Mundy should not be allowed to play in the CFL much less the NFL. I'd rather see Golden then Mundy. The corners stink. Where did these guys learn to play ball? They have the bravado of an Anthony Smith and as much ability too.

Prediction: Steelers 9-7