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Thread: Prediction Steelers Will Beat The Eagles This Week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post

    Ravens playing at the Chiefs, that one might be closer than we think.
    No way the Ravens lose to the Chiefs. Have you seen Matt Cassell? He's awful! He will be giving interceptions to the Ravens like we give candy at Holloween.

    We need to rattle off 4 straight to kinda right the ship.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Ill see what Steelers team shows up in the first half, if it the Jets game steelers team then we will have a chance. If its the Raiders Steelers team, we will get killed. Ben will get sacked about 5 times atleast on sunday. Remember when the played philly lastime in Philly, Ben got sacked what? 6 times that game atleast.

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    If the Steelers can force (2) turnovers and commit zero themselves, I think the Steelers win. Key here will be getting some type of pressure on Vick and forcing him to read the defense and make a play. If the Steelers are in a soft zone all day, or blitz ineffectively, it will leave Celek open. I don't have a score in mind yet, but I believe the Steelers will win - and Mendy will have a pretty good day returning to the lineup.

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    I know one thing for sure , we have to change up our D with Troy. They were reading him and adjusting to much to him in the last game. We need to let him run totally wild. No reign. Let his instincts do their job. and even with a slow calf that will destroy the opponents offensive plans.

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    The key is , like on any play, don't telegraph what you are going to do. If the Steelers run the fire-X blitz, that's great, but don't telegraph it. Most O-lines don't man block, they zone block.

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    I don't see the Steelers stopping McCoy. He is the best back the Steelers will have faced. Hampton, Hood and Keisel are not plugging the gaps. Look to McCoy having a big night. 28-24 Eagles.

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