The popular belief for many fans is that when Rashard Mendenhall returns that he is going to be the fix for the Steelers ground game. Hell even Isaac Redman said the other day that he's looking for Mendy to come back and be the main guy.

Has Redman lost his confidence, Dwyer? Have the coaches lost confidence in either or both? Dwyer, after that fumble last week was barely seen from again in that game if I remember right.

So Mendenhall comes back, but I'm not convinced at all that he's the end all be all fix. The offensive line still has problem run blocking, and pass blocking (Ben has been sacked 9 times so far this year). Although the pass blocking is better and the passing game is doing great we still gotta find a way to run the ball.

I hope Mendy is a huge boost but based on past years with an inconsistent ground attack and a poor OL, I won't believe it till I see it.