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Thread: What are you doing on the bye weekend?

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    What are you doing on the bye weekend?

    We all live for Steelers Football, every weekend is an adventure with this team. The bye is nice though, gives you a chance to chill and maybe keep your blood pressure under control for once on a Sunday. LOL

    Whatcha ya'll doin instead of watching the Steelers?

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    I got to go to Penn's colony today with my friend and his fiancee. It was the first chance I got to meet her. Nice to have some "time off"
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    Of the 3 football teams I follow (steelers, Pitt, and Michigan) all of them are off this weekend...weird. My wife and I visited my mother in law today. Tomorrow I have a street hockey league game (we are 2-0). And I was going to play some golf but the rain has set in!
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    Actually enjoy a Sunday

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    Drink last Sunday out of my head, then catch up on studying tomorrow lol.

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    What are you doing on the bye weekend?

    Root for some AFC teams to lose!

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    Ill be keeping up on the Orioles. Yes im a baltimore Orioles fan and its been a long *** time since we last made playoffs (1997). I was 9 years old. Hopefully they can beat tampa and the yanks can lose a couple so we can win the division

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    I'm still pissed about scoring 30+ and losing to the Raiders.....ugh. That and the 2 teams that have beat us so far, we are there only win!

    I'm a little happier after today though, my Nittany Lions beat up Illinois so at least my college team could score 30+ and win!

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    I'll be watching other football teams in a stress-free environment.
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