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Thread: Oh my gosh..this Packers vs. Seahawks game

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    ya'll should go to a Seahawks forum. it's hilarious. every one of them think they got the call right and of course bring up super bowl XL..

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelfury455 View Post
    ya'll should go to a Seahawks forum. it's hilarious. every one of them think they got the call right and of course bring up super bowl XL..
    LOL I saw that too, Seahawk fans saying that since they got screwed in the Super Bowl, this game is a little justice lol.

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    Honestly, I have no sympathy for the Packers. If they didn't want to get ****ed by the refs, then maybe they should have scored more than 12 points. For that matter, don't get shut out in the first half.

    All this loss means is that the best the Packers can finish is 14-2. Big ****in' deal.
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    Oh my gosh..this Packers vs. Seahawks game

    Talk about a bad call as much as I hate the Pack they got screwed last night. There was no way that was a TD I hope Gordell is happy because his plan to use replacement refs back fired BIG time because they SUCK

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    It's getting worse each week. Was it Minnesota that was granted 2 challenges after they were out of time outs (that's an equivalent of 5 time outs for them that half.) Last week, the Ravens got an extra time out in the cry-bowl. They are marking off penalties from the wrong spot (once they marked it off from the wrong team's 44 and once they marked a penalty off from the spot of the catch even though the catch was replayed and overturned as incomplete.)

    The regular refs make mistakes (he said tails; no I said heads), but this has gotten crazy. After the first and even the second week, I thought, well people are making a bigger deal out of this because they want the replacements to fail, so they are over dramatizing the problem. After this week though, it's clear that these guys are a disaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Get7With7 View Post
    So much for the NFL protecting its "shield."
    Steve Young made a good point after the game ,saying basicly,the NFL brand (protecting its shield)
    has been tarnished by not settling this labor dispute with professional NFL officials.You can't blame replacement Ref's,cause the NFL game is much faster than any thing they've seen at Division III,and some at high school level.Who is really to blame ?Try greedy owners and the NFL itself.To punish players and coaches,after they have reacted to an emotional call or game ,seems stupid to me.They stick a mike in some guys face and ask him to smile over some BS call.

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    That reminded me of that insurance commercial. The one where the actor plays a ref running from a football game where he blew a call and a mob is chasing him. Classic!

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    Me after the game:
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    Oh my gosh..this Packers vs. Seahawks game

    What a mess but hey the Seahawks are now even, right Seahawks fans?? Hahahahahaha

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