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Thread: What the heck happened to Lawrence Timmons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    its laughable some people think a 43 is jsut a way to solve the defensive problems.

    i think they need harrison and troy more than we all thought, everyone should stop being so dramatic...its better to struggle now (even though ben is dazzling the world) and fix problems as the season progresses rather than start hot and fall off at the end like they did last year
    But can this team rely on Troy or James?..........Both have been so injury prone and just getting older that I have some doubts about them.......

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    What the heck happened to Lawrence Timmons?

    We're all clinging to hope that those two will help but I'm a little less optimistic. Troy just looks out of shape...

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    I didn't read through all the pages ... but I def don't think Harrison or Troy are the answers ...

    and about Timmons i think he gained to much weight which slowed him down ...

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