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Thread: The Positives: Big Ben with a big day

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    As much as I enjoy seeing Ben racking up the big numbers in a game, that's not how the Steelers usually win. When he's throwing all over creation it's not a good sign. Maybe times are changing and if this is the wave of the future then the defense better be prepared to equal the performance of the offense.

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    We have a piece going up on Wednesday morning that talks about the pace that Ben is on for this year. Yeah it's too early to crown anyone but early indications are that Haley's offense, at least passing wise, has the potential to be amazing.

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    I wish we would just have Ben "manage" the game like he used to instead of throwing his arm off. Cant do that with no run game though. O well, just have to get used to this new type of offense.

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    I don't have a problem with Ben Roethlisberger throwing the ball all over the place if it means that he finally gets the credit he deserves after nine years. (Even some of our own refuse to give him credit for his accomplishments, which is ludicrous.)
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